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                 Electronic Digital Vernier Caliper

         Gauge Blocks                                                        TAPS   

               Torque Tools                                                        Drills

          Chengdu Tengqiang Industrial Co., Ltd. is the one of the largest sales company of accurate measuring devices. All the products sold by our company are produced by manufacturers who have passed the ISO9001 quality recognition system. The company maintains the concept of “selling products with the least defect based on its advanced technology, and meeting the clients’ requirements with its continuous development”. After a series of reforms, the company has developed to take the leading role in the sales of measuring devices in Southwest China. It sells a variety of process machinery and measuring devices including: standard cutting tools, universal measuring devices, numerical control cutting tools and additional tools, accurate measuring devices, six-foot parallel numerical mills, etc. It is the largest sales company in its field in Southeast China with the most varied products of different sizes and the best quality.

   The company is operated in the modern enterprise model. The majority of our staff are the elites of their fields. Based on the advanced company structure, technique and administrative system, the company is market-oriented to meet the needs of modern market economy. Some products among the six-foot parallel numerical control mills, the gear measuring devices and the multi-functional digital indicator measuring devices have reached or been very close to the international standard.
   The company sells products to different regions in China and to other countries like U.S.A, Germany, and Canada.
   To have a prosperous future, we are faced with a continuous innovation to keep up with the world development. We will shoulder the responsibility of providing the most comprehensive services for our new and regular clients, creating a win-win situation, and opening a new leaf for both sides every day. 
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