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    Chengdu tengqiang Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of precision progressive die, multi station transfer die, precision plastic die and precision die spare parts.Chengdu tengqiang Industrial Co., Ltd. always adheres to the tenet of "leading scientific and technological innovation, zero defect of products, continuous improvement and development, and user satisfaction".Chengdu tengqiang Industrial Co., Ltd. has developed into the most powerful enterprise in the mold and measuring tool industry in Southwest China.

    Chengdu tengqiang Industrial Co., Ltd. has advanced processing equipment, perfect testing means, good working environment and well-trained and technologically mature staff.The precision and service life of the molds we designed and produced reach the same level as those of imported molds, the step precision of progressive molds reaches 3 µ m ~ 5 µ m, and the processing precision of precision mold spare parts reaches 2 µ m ~ 3 µ M.Our products have won the national excellent mold evaluation special award, excellent mold award and national ministerial and provincial scientific and Technological Achievement Award for many times.

    Chengdu tengqiang Industrial Co., Ltd. always adheres to reasonable product price and timely delivery, and wholeheartedly provides high-quality services for new and old customers to create good results.

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